How to implement redux saga with ReactJS and Redux – tutorial


In this video, you’ll find out how to implement redux saga with ReactJS and Redux on a simple application example.

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At first, let me explain what middleware is. A code can be placed between the frameworks that send a request and the frameworks that generate the response. The big advantage of middleware is that we can combine a few third-party middlewares in one project.

So, why do we need middleware in Redux? The data flow between action and reducer works according to a pretty clear pattern, but when we have to communicate with the API or do some other side effect type of action. Middleware helps to perform side effects without blocking the app’s state updates.

In this article, I’d like to go deeper in the situation when we have to communicate with API through the Redux. That’s why I’d like to tell you more about two popular middleware solutions for asynchronous API calls with Redux, Redux-Thunk, and Redux-Saga.

Let’s start the practical part!

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