# 182 Learn Japanese【最中に(さいちゅうに)】while; during; in the middle of – N3 Grammar –



In this video, you will learn the grammar of【最中に(さいちゅうに)】while; during; in the middle of.





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◆Let’s also Review◆

1.【~だします/だす、~はじめます/はじめる “Suddenly start to do…”】

2.【~に関する / ~に関して】about, concerning, regarding, with regard to

3.~はずです It is supposed to be that…, It should be that…



Verb-てform + いる最中(に)
Noun + の最中(に)
while; during; in the middle of

This is used to express when something happens in the middle of, or during something else. This is especially common when you want to say that something happened that interrupts “~” or that you don’t want to be disturbed.

The emergency bell started ringing during class.

During the break time, I was called by my boss.

We are in the process of considering the budget plan for next year.

When the earthquake struck, it was during a meeting.

He’s in the middle of a date right now, so there’s no way he’d see the text.

He is thinking right now, so I think I will not talk to him too much (and leave him).

Verb-てform + いる真っ最中に
Noun + の真っ最中に
This can be further emphasized by using 真っ最中に

The house next door is noisy, so the husband and wife are probably in the middle of a quarrel.

Don’t talk when people are having fun in the midst of singing!


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